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Monday, June 7, 2010

Waiting for my copies to arrive

I am anxiously awaiting for the arrival of my first set of books. The copy I ordered for myself and my husband should be here in a couple of days, and my first set that I have already sold or am going to be giving out should be here this week as well. I'm really hoping everything looks good, as the author, editor, formater and publisher it was a pretty big job.

I went to PostSecret.com yesterday morning as I always do, and was very saddened by a postcard written by someone who was planning on killing themself. That card stayed in my mind throughout the day, and later I went back to see if there had been any responses to it. I was surprised to find a facebook link, leading to a group titled "Please Don't Jump." About 10,000 people had already joined even though it had only been up for part of a day, and there were just as many comments telling the poster how valuable his/her life is, how much they are loved and wanted in this world. There have been times in my life where I have found myself loosing faith with humanity, but this here is an example of how beautiful the world truly is. Yes, there is violence and hate in this world, but the love can, and will, overpower that. As of now there are well over 20,000 people in that group. I hope and pray to God that the poster sees it and realizes that his/her life is worth living.


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